Zikula Development Corner

This site aims to give an overview about how the Zikula Core and it's extensions are developed. It not only shows how to develop Zikula, but also shows non-developers how to help development.

I've no idea about programming, how can I help?

There are plenty of ways to help the Zikula development even if you've never written a single line of code. Here are some examples what you could do:

Report bugs and request features

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Zikula manages all it's issues openly and centralized at GitHub. The Core repository can be found at zikula/core, most modules can be found at zikula-modules and zikula-ev. If you don't find the right place to create an issue, don't hesitate to open an issue in the Core repository – we'll guide you to the appropriate place then. Have you noticed the list of issues in the sidebar? These are special issues where we specifically ask non-developers to comment or test. TODO: Insert list of issues with special label to request community attention

Help Testing Core Release Candidates

Before we release a new major Core version, we always announce a release candidate testing phase at GitHub and in the Blog. During that time, everyone is invited to download and test the to-be-released Core. The more people help, the more bugs can be found even before releasing Zikula.

Try Out Development Builds

You can always test Zikula's latest development builds. Zikula uses a continuous integration system, which creates fully installable builds after each upstream change. You can download the latest builds at the Extension Library. Even older builds can be found at Zikula's CI-server: ci.zikula.org.

The Gettext Extractor

Zikula.org offers a simple way to create a .pot file for your module or theme. Head over to the Gettext Extractor and upload your files to extract translations. You can also install the extractor module yourself; you can download the Getttext module from the Extension Library. TODO: Add module to EL

The Zikula Documentation

Due to the major transitions Zikula was and is undergoing, there currently is no extensive or complete documentation, although several bits already exist. Here's an incomplete list:

When Zikula is more stable, documentation efforts will be continued.

The Extension Library

The Extension Library is an actively developed Zikula module. It currently is in a beta state and will be Zikula's new Extension listing – you can find a link in the top menu. You can help testing by uploading and publishing you extension to the Extension Library.
The code can be found at GitHub.

Module Studio

ModuleStudio is a development environment with which one can quickly, simply and efficiently describe and generate web applications. Software developers can create complex modules in a few steps and meet individual project requirements with them.


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